Andreas Baeing has uploaded some stunningly grim images of his local urban environment to our Flick Pool the 'Worlds Worst Urban Places and Spaces' for the forthcoming reader contributed book.

Pictured above right is is an example of extreme CCTVing plus some barb-wiring, located in East Manchester. Andreas notes that living in England means, you are recorded on some CCTV system all the time. Which we have to say is true, the average person in the UK is recorded on CCTV 300 times a day.

Continuing Andreas's tour is, in his own words, a rather strange urban structure... It is the ventilation building for the Wallassey tunnel across the Mersey in North Liverpool. It is horrible and fascinating at the same time, somehow a reminder of early science fiction movies

And our final pick of Andreas's images from the pool is a vacant tower block in East Manchester. One can see that some of the rooms of been burnt out, he assumes by arson attacks.

If you would like to contribute it is easy, simply go out into your local urban environment and photograph anything that you think is an example of poor architecture, urban design or use of space. It could be a photograph of a run down phonebox or a disused building, perhaps a concrete monstrosity from the 1970's or anything that you think fits.

To take part you can simply upload your photography to our Flickr Pool, Worlds Worst Urban Spaces and Place including a description of between 100 and 250 words. The image and text will then be used in a blog post and included in the forthcoming user created book.

Its as simple as that, see our previous post for full details on the book.